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The Gloria Cordes Larson Center for Women and Business

Advancing Women and Workplace Diversity

The Gloria Cordes Larson Center for Women and Business (CWB) at Bentley University provides thought leadership on critical diversity issues, and offers tools and training to foster inclusive organizations. Our programs inform and empower students, alumni, and business professionals — from the classroom to the boardroom. About the CWB.

Diversity and Inclusion Insights and Interventions

CWB News and Updates
Bentley University graduate Esther Rothstein Tetreault owns Trillium Brewing

Spotlight on Women in Leadership

Bentley University graduate Esther (Rothstein) Tetreault ’99, MBA ’03 is co-founder of Trillium Brewing, a successful local micro-brewery. She and her husband have grown a small storefront in Boston to multiple locations including restaurants and beer gardens. Social media has helped to build the companies following by connecting with customers, hearing what they love and want to see and providing an opportunity to answer questions.

Taking Charge: Women's Executive Leadership

Register for Taking Charge, a 7-day intensive leadership experience for mid – to – senior-level female managers looking to gain the executive presence and capabilities necessary to lead at the executive level. Fall 2019 Program Starts on September 26th

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Collage of diverse women representing intersectionality

New CWB Report Intersectionality in the Workplace: Broadening the Lens of Inclusion

The experience of employees cannot be understood through a one-dimensional lens. Intersectionality in the Workplace: Broadening the Lens of Inclusion explores the unique intersectional experiences of individuals across key social identity markers and includes a checklist of interventions to enable organizations to foster a culture of inclusion.

Diversity and Inclusion News

What Happens When Women Run Colleges?

The Chronicle of Higher Education- June 2019
By Lee Gardner

Do Your Diversity Efforts Reflect the Experiences of Women of Colour?

Harvard Business Review - July 2019
By Ruchika Tulshyan

Women's Leadership Program participant surrounded by peers listening to workshop speaker

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Our approach is sophisticated, but our resources are limited. Each year, the CWB spearheads programs and learning opportunities — like the Women’s Leadership Program, Student Fellowships and the Men of Alliance student group — that benefit hundreds of students. We need your support to maintain and grow key opportunities that prepare our students to succeed. 

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